Review: MUA(Makeup Academy) Face Primer

Firstly, what a Face primer actually is?
Primer is a combined agent of silicone and moisturizer manly which helps to make a good base for applying foundation or any makeup . It creates an even and soft layer over skin what helps makeup to stay longer, blend easily, evenly, and prevent sliding off foundation in general.

This Primer is a new product of MUA Pro range. its worth £4 for 27ml tube.
I was pretty excited to try this primer because its hard to get a good face primer in this low price and ofcourse all MUA product i tried before were amazing.

This product claims to give a flawless even complexion. It says," a velvety smooth formula that feels light on skin and creates a flawless even complexion which you can wear alone or under foundation for long lasting finish and 'll last all day".
(from Back caption of the product and website disclaimer )

It took me long to understand this product. I've been wearing different kind of face primers whatever they are cheap or pricey. But this time i was in judging mood, so its natural to take time.

This is an water based primer which is perfect to use with a water based foundation.

I'm a working lady. I've to stay out atleast 6-8 hour a day. Precisely, i do a little touch up when i go out. Bangladesh is mainly a hot country. You sweats all the time when you go out unless its an AC place. Its really difficult here to keep you makeup looks right.
For two week's i was trying this product.and it made me real confuse. Sometime it was okay and sometime it felt like disaster.

First disappointment... when i was trying it for the first time, tube cap just pop out !!! Is it normal to came out like this? I don't think so. May be it happened only with my one ! But the thing is, this primer is very watery than other primers. Without this tube nozzle when you push it whole lot of primer come out than you need...

As because its a water based primer its really good for hot weather. It does feel smooth and light on skin and doesn't make you oily or create any allergic reaction (my skin is very sensitive and allergic). Usually than other primer you need a bit more of MUA primer to cover your face because of the runny consistency. You'll need to wait minimum 2-3 minute after applying this to set it on skin.  Only then you can expect a good finish for your foundation or powders.
You surely cannot use it alone because the coverage its provide just the same as moisturizer even looks glossy. Its not gonna clear out redness of your skin or cover up any spots what you wanna hide. you'll need atleast translucent powder if you want a no makeup look.

After trying this for two weeks, i'll say its not the primer to last all day(if its cold weather it might). it works okay max 4-5 hour and then your foundation start creasing and time on 'll slide off.

Lastly, um not so happy with this but um not unhappy either. I can say, its not a shockingly impressive product. Its just an okay product to use. It does give good finish when you apply it. And yeh, the price is cheap for a primer but you can also get a better primer than this in the same price(out of Bangladesh). If you are a regular user of makeup and you need to stay out for hours a day, i'll suggest you to go for cheaper primer(only if u need to think of ur money). Other than, for occasional use you can get a high end primer.

This is totally my opinion for MUA primer, other might say something else...

Readers, Please leave you opinion what you think.....
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