Review: OLAY natural white healthy fairness day cream

I always get confused about day cream because of my Combi-skin. When its summer my skin tends to get partly oily and in winter its seriously dry. I cant use same day cream all the season. So i often change my day cream or daily moisturizer.

Starting of this summer(2012) i bought 'OLAY natural white healthy fairness day cream' to try on. It comes in a tube form in BD local retails. Also available in bigger jar which are imported from other countries.
A 40g tube cost BDT 200/-

Product claims to have triple nutrient system which 'll help to nourish skin and prevent dark spot. also claims to give a non-greasy light texture and protection from sun ray.
From the packaging... This cream contains some of the healthy whitening and moisturizing agents like water, glycerin, tamarinds extract, grape fruit extract, apple extract,lime juice, orange juice and lemon juice.

My experience:
Just to remind you again, I've combine skin. I've been using this cream for almost 2 month.

Now, those are the good side of this products. According to my skin type i got some unpleasant word aswell.


after applying...

I'm not any pro of skin care or makeup. Whatever i'm saying is my own experience. I wont suggest you to follow my words. I will say, take my words just as a suggestion. Research more what others are saying or experience your own then decide.... :)

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