Eye's full of sunshine : eye look tutorial

this blog is about my try to make eye look tutorial.. and the tutorial posting process totally inspired by a sweet buddy 'Tanisha Tofail'. you may like her blog to. here's her blog link... http://secretsofmermaid.blogspot.com/

lets start...

  • apply light blue in your crease and blend it out

  • apply lime yellow in inner corner
  • fill the lid with a darker yellow and blend out

  • apply darker blue in 1/3 of crease area

  • blend it out

    • apply navy blue in the crease in a angular shape

    • blend it out nicely

    • highlight your brow bone with a lighter shade.

    • join liner a bit in your lower lash line as shown and tend your brows

    • you r done.......................

     finished look...........
    product I used here...

    ***dont forget to blend nicely ;p

    Hope you like the tutorial... please let me know your opinion. take care till the next post :)

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