tiny cutie purchase

Facia Facial Bar: bdt 93/-
I was roaming around MeenaBazar and notice this tiny cute soap.. never used this before but i was amused by its look. its hardly 1n1/2 inch long and 1/2 inch wide. kinda crystal bar and you can see sprinkle of saffron in it... harby smell and it is good. Ah, and It comes with a little plastic soap case which is cute aswell. 
It claims a lot of thing but i'll need to give a good try to see how it really works.So far i used it 4/5 times and i liked it how it feels. Didn't dry out my face and gave a clean fresh feeling.

Nivea Lip Care: bdt 50/-
I'm not really fond of Nivea Chap sticks. Though this little thing attract me as i bought it and now um really loving it. I noticed that it moisturize well than other Nivea lip therapy and gives fine natural pink shade on lip and that pink shade doesn't stain lip like some other same kinda lip product(exp: Lipice) does.