Mumtaj Color Henna: review

It's called color henna or Matching mehedi. Mumtaj Herbal launched it recently.
They have 4 different color. Blue, Pink, Purple, Orange..
Worth: BDT 70/-

I bought blue color to try..... I don't like to wear mehendi at all. It feels like stain all over my hand ;p ...though i bought this because of color...

Nothing much to say about this henna. Color's are really attractive. If you r fancy with henna, like you wear henna regular basis u might like this because u can play with variety of color rather than traditional henna color. I think its a good option for bridal term.
*** Good part: totally allergy free. doesn't create any irritation on skin.

this is how its look when applied
this is how its look when applied
this is how its look when wash off
But the thing is its supper poor staying power. It doesn't give color in 5 min they way it claims. You'll need to wait till dry out to get proper color. Worst part is, after washing if you rub it with towel color just came off totally clean. Which means, this henna is nothing but a one time use ink, and also it looks like ink on hand. So, if you wearing any white outfit... BE CAREFUL....

This is what happen when you rub towel to dry after washing Mumtaz matching mehedi...
I rubbed it once.. If you do it again n again color 'll come off completely.
Hope my review will help you.
take care peeps :)