Base Makeup: Stage 1: HEAVY

About Makeup Base....the most important part of doing makeup, I say. If you do it wrong your whole effort gonna be a disaster. 

Only because of my readers request i thought to post regarding makeup base. And decided to do it in 3 step.

  1. Heavy
  2. Medium
  3. Lite/Regular

Today's post is about Heavy base.
What i do mostly is a kinda basic. Like it is suitable for daily basis or might be ok for party. But when its come to heavy makeup like bridal or photo shoot, I'm totally premature !! 
So that, i was kinda experimenting with those kinda makeup in our DESI style... mean , what our local beauty salon  does usually... ;p 

Now... Come to the process...

You gonna need:

Start with a clear n moisturized face :) naked face... the ugly face of beauty ;p

Apply a good amount panstick directly...
there is lot variety of panstick available in the market but i'll suggest you to get Kryolan TV paint stick.
because it give the most desirable coverage and shades, last long and moisturizing !!

Blend it with a dump sponge... and blend it well.
Best thing of using panstick is you wont need and concealer :) 
All your imperfection will disappear only by this...

Spray good amount of water in your face and let it dry....

Spray water allover your face again.
Now take your skin tone and yellow pancake and mix both with dump sponge to get the desire tone.
Dab the sponge carefully in you face to create a heavy and even base.
Make sure you blending everything evenly.
Then, take the brown pancake and mark the contour line... 
your chic bone, nose hair line and lower chin...

Now, apply translucent powder allover..
spray good amount of water, again...
and take your used sponge...
Dab it allover and blend everything nicely... 

And.... your heavy base is ready to Rock ;p
you can now jump to do other things like eye makeup or whatever !!

*** you might find this kinda base a bit cakey at the beginning... don't be terrified !! its takes time to set with skin oil. within 1/2 hour it will totally set with your skin and  wont look cakey.
one more thing,
people tends to get white white (i mean way lighter than skin tone) shades of panstick and pancakes.
Which causes cakey and cat face ;p
Always try pick similar shade....
(I used a shade dark panstick and pancake than my skin. I felt it give more natural look)

NOTE: this is a supper heavy base actually and kinda waterproof. You gonna have hard time if you wanna wash it of only with soap n water. My advice, take wet tissue and soak it with baby oil/olive oil, wipe off makeup. after that wash you face with face wash, twice, even thrice ! Lastly, don't forget to tone your face with toner.

Hope.. this post gonna help you !!! ...had no idea how to do this sorta tutorial post properly... hope its okay !!!??? ... any advice... ???
(You cant imagine how hard it is to make a pictorial... taking own picture by self... grrr !!! n most of the time i get blurry pic !!)

I'll do next "Base Makeup: Stage 2: medium" soon....
till then................ take care... XXX... and keep connected with me :)


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