Sour Curd: One simple product for Head to Toe care and Secret of my healthy hair

Hello Reader,
How are you all???

This has been a long awaited blog post(for me) so I'm quite excited that finally writing it.
Don't know for how long I've been thinking to write it down !

Sour Curd, a simple and well known product as beauty essential.
People use it as home remedy in many ways for its effective ingredient.
Do I really need to rave more about this? I think you already know every thing..

However, I'll be writing today how this has become the most effective part of my beauty remedy
Specially when its about my Hair.
I'm not any 'taking good care of hair and skin' kind of girl.
Life is busy, who have time and energy for give a good amount of time to skin and hair?
 I always reach for easy and shortcut way when comes to talking care of skin and hair.

I must mention,
I got this Curd method from my Grand Maa.
Since I'm using this method, every time its performing magical performance.

How I use sour curd:
I dont really use it like normally people does...mix with daily care pack, give it time to sit, etc..
As I said before, I dont have time or patient for all this.
Maximum three times a week, I take 5/6 table spoon of Curd with me in shower.
Before getting wet apply curd Head to toe, give a good massage.. 
No, i dont take long time for that, may be 3/4 minute for whole process.
And then wash it of and start talking shower normally.
That's it !
This easy-pesy method always do more than anything I need.

The way sour curd work for me:
First, lets talk about hair..
I got fine course hair genetically. They are straight, black in color and thinner than usual.
I do a lot of experiment with my hair. I'm totally fancy with hair color. 
Every 2/3 months I reapply color without judging anything.
I hate wet hair and open hair when I'm at work or normally in outside.
So, I go through blow dry and hard styling sprays everyday.
Also, hot water shower everyday....
Don't you think all these are quite enough to get damaged hair??
Therefore, I'm proud enough to say, I have healthy hair.
They are not frizzy, they shines, manageable without any live-on  or such thing 
and I bet you wont find any split ends.
All credit goes to only my thrice a week 3/4 minute sour curd method.
Within this short time it condition, nourish, soften, and cleanse deeply.
Trust me, from the first use you will see the magical difference. 

now about skin,
I have combination skin on face, but body parts are mainly dry and sensitive.
With this dryness and patchiness 15 minute open sun ray is more than enough to get burned. 
I meant actually burned not tanned, doesn't matter how high SPF i use!
Don't you think its quite scary?
Yes, I always try to avoid sun but I'm bound to go out and how about managing dryness ?!!
Again, the simple thing... Sour Curd.
No, curd doesn't magically remove tan/burn for me.
It cleanse deeply, smooth out any dry flake and restore moisture.
Sour curd contain calcium which helps to strengthen nails and also restore natural color of nail..

Ah, there is more,
I eat sour curd every night as my desert.
2/3 tsp with a bit of salt, sometime with sugar and sometime along.
People says it helps to reduce tummy fat, I don't know about that !
But I believe it helps to purify skin from inside and helps digestive system to perform well.

 Now what you think?
If I call sour curd my head to toe care essential, is it too much??

There is some matter i wanna mention.
Do not rub your hair much when you apply sour curd on hair.
It soften your hair pretty quickly, so if you rub your hair much you might trigger hair fall.
Even if you use it too much like let it sit for long or thinking to use everyday,
then also it can cause hair fall.
Do not forget to shampoo and using normal conditioner after.
If you don't do that then the oily residue left from curd might harm your hair.
Same for your skin as well, use bodywash and rub off any residue left from sour curd,
specially from face.
Otherwise, you wont get rid from dry flakes of your skin
and contained excessive oil/moisture might trigger pimple on your face.
If your hair is colored and you thinking to apply curd then keep in mind,
your hair color might wash off a bit quickly than usual because of its acidic component.

Do not expect that you gonna be fair or your facial spots gonna be removed magically.
In a short, regular use of sour curd will provide you healthy and clean skin as well as hair.
Only because, it cleanse well. Gradually you'll notice
your tan is fading away and adding healthy glow to your skin.

this picture is to show my hair 4/5 year before.
this picture is to show my hair now.

All things I stated in this blog totally from my personal experience.
So either you can trust me and give it a try
or, you can just ignore it.
Every product doesn't suit everyone, so don't forget to do allergy test before you go for it.
Though its a natural ingredient, you never know it might cause you allergy.
Like I'm ridiculously allergic to cucumber, which i never heard for anyone!!
Just Hoping this post gonna be helpful for you.

That's all for today.
Dont forget to follow, comment and share.
....Take care lovelies...

***Random feeling:
Whenever I use this I feel like Cleopatra ;p ;p ..I wish I could use milk instead of Curd!!  But milk is expensive for me to take shower with so I'm being happy with sour curd ;p ;p

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