Review: Lakme CC Cream

The whole beauty world is flooding by BB/CC/DD stuff this days. I wonder soon i'll be craving for a 'ZZ' cream. Jokes apart, what is a CC cream?
The word 'CC' stands for Color Correction or Complexion Care. This sort of product aims to give better solution for uneven skin tone, instant improvement on skin texture, fresh feeling as well as healthy glow. However, CC cream is nothing but an advance stage of a BB cream.

Lets talk about Lackme CC cream.
This product worth originally RS 250/- but here in Bangladesh it around BDT 550/- to 600/-

Packaging wise Lakme CC cream is really sturdy and attractive. Comes in a golden beige sleek tube with metallic silver lid cap. The hot pink paper cartoon surely caught my eyes. Tube itself is firm enough and travel friendly as well. Tube contain 30ml of product and comes in two different shade, beige and bronze. Smells almost nothing but like all other lakme product.

As because Lakme CC cream is totally made for Indian/South Asian market, so their both shades are toned in yellow. The shade Beige is for lighter tone and the shade Bronze is for darker tone. They might seems a bit more yellowish for skin but somehow its blends amazingly into skin and turned out in a perfect color. I picked the Bronze shade for me and I'm fully impressed with the shade. 

Coming to the texture, Its give quite satisfying result. Its not thin like a BB cream but almost closed to a foundation. Easily bendable and light weight, provides up to medium coverage and smooth velvety matte finish. Hide minor spots and blemishes but for the darker one you'll need a concealer. Though its matte in texture but does adds radiant in skin which lasts long. Nicely works if you topped up with powder without being cakey. If you have oily skin then you might see shine but after 3/4 hour even in humid weather, this fact definitely amused me. The cream Last on skin easily 6/7 hour without fading but if you are prone to oxidization then you might face that only if you directly exposed to sun. 

Lakme CC Cream in Shade bronze
Lakme CC Cream in shade bronze, applied
Lakme CC Cream in shade bronze, blended
Lakme CC Cream contains SPF 20 which is good but i would suggest you not to skip your daily Sun product. This spf level is not enough to protect you from harsh sun. 
yeh, i have been using it for a month now and another good thing is it didnt cause any breakout at all.

Overall, this a decent product to have.
Wait... there is some negative thing as well. If you have flawless skin then its a perfect product for you but if you have dry and flaky patches in your skin then this cream is gonna embarrass you badly. I dont know why but some how this cream highly emphasize all dry section of skin. I dont always have flaky skin issue but whenever I'm lazy to exfoliate my skin well i do notice some dry patches here and there. Honestly, i haven't faced this sort of dry patch emphasizing issue with any product so far. Even if i apply moisturizer prior to apply Lakme CC cream that doesnt seems to work at all. Some how it just gets into those dry spot, I wonder how its gonna work in dry skin !!

Anyways, considering that dry patch issue you can defiantly go for Lakme CC Cream. This is a great product for daily use if you need something more than a BB cream of tinted moisturizer and wanna avoid foundation, eventually, you will forget the need of your daily foundation. But remember its just an instant solution for skin so do not skip your daily skin product such as moisturizer and sunblocks.

This is it for today... Take care guys.
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