Review: Meena Herbal Hand&Foot Scrub

About a month ago Meena Herbal sent me their Hand&Foot Scrub to try it out. Even before that I have been using another pack of this product. Meena Herbal,a pure Bangladeshi company who launched this product almost recently.
Meena Herbal Hand&Foot Scrub is available all over the country 
and costs only BDT 150/- for 100g tube.
Needless to say, this type of product which is made in BD is totally a new concern. 

The product comes in a plastic tube packaging with a screw cap. It claims to be a solution for at home manicure and pedicure. It says that the product gently removes dead skin while hydrating and conditioning the skin.
You can look for ingredient list from the picture if you want.

What was my experience with this?
Firstly to be honest, I was really excited to try this only because in our country its new to get such deshi-manufactured product.
Before this I was totally depending on my regular ST.Ives scrub even for my hands. However, the firs thing I love about the product is its smell. Its smells really nice. Product packaging is satisfactory as well. You'll find the price and manufacture date in the Packaging crimp.

This scrub is clay based, off-white in color, creamy texture and has fine but dense scrubbing particles in it. Those scrubbing particles are really fine to look at but they works effectively and doesn't feel harsh on skin.

Generally I use this everyday before i go to shower, rub my hands and feet with it. It does remove dead skin and skin feels really smooth afterward.

Now, as it claims, the product will take care of your manicure and pedicure needs. In that case I'll say, yes it is good to exfoliate your skin but cant be a substitute for the whole mani/pedi procedure because you'll need to clean your nails which a scrub cant do.

Nevertheless, this is an affordable and good quality product for your hand and feet. So far I dont have any complain about it, eventually, I fell in love from the first use.
I strongly recommend this if you haven't tried it yet.

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***Note that, I'm not paid or biased to do this review. Everything stated here completely based on my honest opinion. Another important thing is, I'm no specialist or chemist. I know very little about chemical formulation and choose my product only depending on how it feels/reacts after use. So, If any harmful/controversial ingredient found in the ingredient list then you should definitely ignore my opinion and make your own decision toward the product.

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