Base Makeup: Stage 2: MEDIUM

If you are a regular reader of Green Story... then you already know that few days before i started doing 'how to do' type post on Base makeup. previously i posted Base Makeup: Stage 1: HEAVY. check that if you haven't yet... :)

its time for Stage 2: MEDIUM .............
A medium base for makeup... I,myself always reach for this one.. applicable for any occasion/time :)
which is also totally time effective !

you gonna need:

Now start with a clean, moisturized and primed(if you want) face...
As usual, the ugly face of beauty ;p

Apply sufficient drops of your foundation to your face...

Start blending into face... i used a stipple brush here.. but you can definately use finger tips for that, works almost same way. I prefer brush to avoid messing with my hand. I will suggest not to use sponge unless its a beauty blender. Normal sponge will eat up all your foundation. 

Blend your foundation till it gives a smooth finish.
then apply concealer only in those are where you need to conceal..

Blend concealer with your foundation by dabbing it into the skin. 
I prefer my own finger tips to do that :)

Now, you are almost done.. Just apply finishing powder very lightly to set the whole thing .
Or you can also skip applying in whole face, just apply powder in those area where its always tends to get oily... like, T-zone.

.... you are done.... 
totally ready to move on other part of makeup :)

*** Your foundation might take 5/10 min to set..
***choosing a perfect shade according to your skin tone is very important.
*** try to pick those foundation shade which matches to your neck/upper chest area. (like, see the picture... i haven't use any foundation in my neck are but after completing my base its totally matches with my neck ). because you don't wanna put makeup in your whole body i guess !
*** choose concealer as close as possible to your skin tone
*** if your skin tends to oxidize.. choose a shade light foundation/press powder... remember not both of them, just one of them, either foundation or powder in light shade.

Hope this post gonna help you.. This is what actually I do to prepare my makeup base.
any suggestion, opinion, question, comment... you are most welcome :)

...Hugs n love...

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