Base makeup: Stage 3: Light

Apology for my delay to post 'Stage 3: Light' base makeup tutorial.
Previously I've posted other two technique of base makeup as
Stage 2: Medium Base
Stage 1: Heavy Base
Check those if you haven't yet....

Light base makeup is pretty simple and fast process to do which is suitable for daily basis makeup do.
If you are going out normally, for college or office this process is great to make you look polished without wearing and doing so much.

Product you going to need:
*a light coverage foundation/tinted moisturizer or BB cream
*setting powder/ pressed powder

On to the process....
apply your foundation/tinted moisturizer/BB cream. BB cream or tinted moisturizer is best for this purpose because these will give you light and no makeup feeling. You definitely dont wanna feel so much when you going out for regular task.
If you choosing foundation, make sure you choosing a light/ sheer coverage one which will be comfortable through out the time and you will able to feel your skin.
here i used Garnier BB cream
As you can notice, still  I've few flaws in my cheek n my under eye area need more coverage,
so its time for concealer. Take your concealer and apply that in those imperfection you wanna cover up. Blend your concealer nicely. 
after applying concealer. I've use Revlon age defying concealer 
If you have dry skin, you will be good to go after applying concealer but if your skin is in oily side like mine you'll notice huge shine and you'll need to powder that up.
Take your setting/pressed powder and lightly swipe all over the face. Powder will soak off all excess oil from your face and mattify your skin. Give few minute to set the powder and you are ready to move on to next step like doing you eyes or else.
after powdering.. here i used Revlon colorstay pressed powder
So, this was quite an easy process, isnt it?
Additionally, If you have setting spray you can use that now but thats totally optional.
If you going out for long then you might need to blot and touch up in 2/3 hour. For that keep your powder with you and whenever you feel oily just touch up your powder or blot excess oil.

*** Choose your concealer as close as possible to your skin tone. If you prone to oxidize, choose a shade lighter pressed powder than your skin tone.

Thats it for today...
By the way, EID is on the door, this base makeup process will be more that suitable for your Eid morning. Hope my effort helps....

Early Eid Greeting to you all.
...hugs and love...
...take care...

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